UFONE launched its operations in Pakistan in January 2001.  Ufone is the brand of Pakistan Telecom Mobile Limited (PTML) which operates as the wholly owned subsidiary of the leading telecommunication company of Pakistan i.e. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL). In 2006, PTCL underwent privatisation as a result of which Emirates Telecommunication Corporation Group (Etisalat) took over Ufone. Ufone is highly famous for its creative and innovative funny advertisements. Apart from the engaging content, Ufone also offers variety of packages to suite each type of subscriber. The cheap rates offered by Ufone are the reason why many people option to get Ufone internet packages in first place. Secondly, Ufone internet package offers internet services at extremely low rates with high speed internet and downloading speed. The Ufone internet packages are divided into daily, weekly and monthly packages.


UFONE brings the most reasonable daily internet packages for their subscribers. The offers provide daily high-speed internet along with fast downloading and buffering. The packages are beneficial for those who require internet on daily basis especially students who need daily access to the internet for the purpose of studies. The daily packages vary from volume to volume and which include:

Bucket Name Price Volume Validation Subscription
Special Daily Rs. 5 500MB+50 MB 1am-9pm Dial *3461#
Daily Light Rs. 10 500MB+40MB 1 day Dial *2256#
Mega Internet Rs. 12 2 GB 1am-8am Dial *550#
Daily Heavy Rs. 15 500MB+75MB 1 day Dial *2258#



If you don’t want to subscribe to the daily packages then you can also enjoy the 3-day Ufone internet package provided by UFONE. The 3 day internet packages cut out the need for subscription on daily basis and provide MBs at a very low rate. The 3-day Ufone internet package include:

Bucket Name Price Volume Validation Subscription
3 day bucket Rs. 25 500MB+100MB 3 days *3350#



Weekly packages offered by Ufone are extremely beneficial for those who need access to internet all the time. The Ufone Internet package give access to the users at a very reasonable rate, also the user do not have to resubscribe the package on daily basis. The weekly packages are the most famous among the UFONE users due to their feasibility and high-speed internet. The Ufone internet package are useful for people who are fond of internet surfing. Social media can be easily accessed through these packages. Apart from it, some packages also give some extra MBs to their users in order to get most out of these packages. The Ufone weekly packages include:

Bucket Name Price Volume Validation Subscription
Weekly light Rs. 50 2GB+250MB 7 days *7811#
Super Internet Rs. 100 1.2GB 7 days *220#
Weekly Internet Plus Rs. 150 3GB 7 days *260#



Subscribing to the monthly Ufone internet packages is a relief to the subscriber for a whole month. Usually users look for packages which they do not have to resubscribe frequently. After UFONE’s weekly internet packages, the UFONE’s monthly packages are the most famous among Ufone subscribers. The Ufone internet packages consist of GBs of high-speed internet and are available at feasible rates. The internet speed is fast enough to accommodate a number of needs of the user. The monthly Ufone internet packages include:

Bucket Name Price Volume Validation Subscription
Monthly Light Rs. 250 2GB+1GB 30 days *7807#
Monthly Heavy Rs. 500 2GB+3GB 30 days *803#
Monthly Max Rs. 500 2GB+10GB 30 days *5100#



Apart from daily, weekly and monthly Ufone internet packages, Ufone also gives content packages which allow different type of access to the users. Some packages allow the user to have access to social media websites while other gives separate option. The packages are suitable for those who do not want to spend more on the internet and only want subscription for specific purpose. The CONTENT Ufone Internet packages are:

Bucket Name Price Volume Validation Subscription
Social daily Rs. 5 100 MB 1 day *4422#
Daily Chat Rs. 5 500 MB (WhatsApp) + 10,000 SMS 1 day *3465#
Streaming Offer Rs. 8 500 MB (dailymotion, YouTube) 1 hour *78#
Social Monthly Rs. 50 1 GB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter) 30 days *5858#


  • Dial *3# to subscribe the packages on your 2G and 3G devices.
  • Dial *707# to check the remaining resources.
  • 2.250 will be charged per MB after the consumption of internet bucket.