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In Pakistan China Mobile Pakistan (CM-PAK) or Zong is a leading mobile network operator, while in Islamabad it’s headquarter is situated, the capital of Pakistan. This mobile network offers different data services as well as voice services via postpaid and prepaid plans. It also offers of 2G, 3G and 4G services which is the key competency of Zong. Millicom offers the china mobile services which enables them to operate a GSM system as a forecast structure of business in Pakistan.

Zong stood second in the largest GSM mobile service provider of Pakistan. It has third largest number of subscribers (31 million) in the country with a market share of 21% in the cellular operators market of the country.

China Mobile Communications Corporation has full authority over CM-Pak and it have 100% subsidiary over it. By using 2G, 3G and 4G services CM-Pak set up different services of cellular mobiles including voice and data services. CM-Pak expects that Pakistanis could get a fully connected environment through the advance technologies used in 4G LTE. China Mobile Communications Corporation is considered as the largest telecom services provider worldwide.



Some operations were inaugurated by Zong in 1991 which was known as PAKTEL which deals with wireless cables. Zong was the first and foremost company which issued license in order to deal with cellular phone services throughout Pakistan. At the initial stage the company make the use of AMPS services but later on by 2004, the company successfully issued and inaugurated GSM services with the flow.

The PakTel by Cable and Wireless was bought and owned by the Millicom Corporation in the year 2003. When Millicom holds the operations of the company, it came up with a new management team which was headed by John Tumelty, CEO of Instaphone and CFO David Ordman.

Millicom International Cellular S.A. gave a statement on January 22, 2007 that it would sell its 88.86% stake in PakTel Limited to China Mobile for $284 million. This whole procedure includes the repayment of intercompany debt. Millicom reveals that this China Mobile transaction was advised by Merrill Lynch.

The interchanging of name from PakTel Limited to China Mobile Pakistan was held on 4 May, 2007. After 8 days on May 16, 2007 China Mobile announced its increment in the stake in CMPak to 100%. On April 1, 2008 the company was rebranded by PakTel.



China Mobile Pakistan made an investment of more than USD $2 billion. This huge investment was made for the purposes like the building up network infrastructure since 2008. Zong is proudly invested for the future generations too, in the next 2-3 years it will probably invest USD $1 million for the future-generation services.

By establishing over 6000 base stations Zong has become the third largest cellular network of Pakistan. As a part of its CSR and showing positivity the company has installed solar power cell sites in multiple locations of the country. The country’s largest solar power telecommunication network is owned and controlled by Zong.



ZTE Pakistan contributes a lot in Zong’s development by providing it with network base stations, microwave links, IT support and transmission towers. ZTE doesn’t only provide all this facilities but also maintained them.

Zong is provided with multiple services like end-to-end implementation, launch, delivery and support services for the BlackBerry solution in the Pakistani market by Alcatel-Lucent under the terms of a distribution agreement with RIM leverages its global integration services and local presence in the region.

The technological advanced systems like UMTS, HSPA+, LTE and GSM are presently used by Zong.



Various corporate social responsibilities powered by Zong are as follows:

  • The students of the university of engineering and technology are provided with scholarships
  • Blood donation awareness campaign named “I am a Blood Donor” was initiated by Zong
  • Collaboration with UNICEF Pakistan to eliminate polio from the country
  • In Islamabad and Rawalpindi the women were targeted by Zong and it runs a wagon service named as Tabeer in collaboration with Al-Abrar associates
  • Electricity was provided to 2 villages of Punjab and for this an MOU signing ceremony was held between Buksh Foundation and Zong
  • The National Open Polo Championship named as Quaid-e-Azam Gold Cup was funded by Zong.
  • Zong also takes part in social welfare, in it’s headquarter a breast cancer drive was initiated which was a measure successful step taken by the company which benefit the society at a large extent.
  • In a Research Centre namely Autism Research Centre the volunteering services were served by Zong 4g employees.


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