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The Telenor Group has the dominancy over Telenor Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Company. In the digital and cellular service providing market this company holds second position. In Asia and in other 8 international markets Telenor is the supplier of voice, data, and content and mobile communication services. In 1855, it transformed into a public company. Mr. Irfan Wahab Khan becomes the CEO of Telenor Pakistan two years back in August 2016. The subscribers list of Telenor has now reached to around 43.3 million and it acquires a 28.85% marketshare in the country. More than 1900 employees are presently working in Telenor.  Telenor was launched in the year 2005 and since then it has made an investment of more than $3.5 billion alone in Pakistan, and the taxes paid by Telenor are over PKR300 billion directly or indirectly.


The huge number of subscribers/customers (170 million) across Asia and Scandinavia made Telenor Group one of the leading and renowned mobile operators. The workforce of approximately 22,000 employees are serving, facilitating and empowering societies in Telenor. The purpose of the company is to connect consumers for more than 160 years.



The Telenor Company attained a license for the provision of GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) services in Pakistan in April 2004. This was the period when the company started launching its services commercially through official means in the three major cities of Pakistan which are Karachi, Islamabad and Rawalpindi back in 2005, March 15. Telenor expansion level reached to more cities like Lahore, Faisalabad and Hyderabad on March 23, 2005. The location of the head-quarter of Telenor is in the capital city of the country that is Islamabad and it has its regional offices in Karachi, Faislabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan and Hyderabad

The head-quarter’s inauguration was performed by the Former President of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf and the President and CEO of the Telenor Group themselves head the inauguration ceremony and the CEO of Telenor Pakistan Tore Johnsen was also a part of it.


80% of the urban and rural population of Pakistan is covered by Telenor’s network; the 80% 3G and 70% 4G supported networks produced the average of its 11,000 cell sites. Universal Service Fund has awarded the company for various projects in which there are both, completed projects and ongoing projects too. These awards were given under the Broadband for Sustainable Development (BSD) program which have more than 100 new cell sites. This ensures the connectivity to a huge population (1.7 million approximately) in Dera Ismail Khan and Mohmand Agency. In 2009 the Telenor Company also worked on USF Projects in the areas like Bahawalpur-Cholistan district and it ensures the provision of 3G services in Kohistan district in the year 2017.



The vast distribution network of Telenor Pakistan has reached to almost 220,000 touch points including franchises, sahulat ghars and retailers. All these centers deal with Easypaisa services and GSM products. The USF owns some service centers and customer sales of the company and these all were transformed into Digital Customer Touch Points in 2017, it was considered as an innovative and creative initiative.


Empowering Pakistan has become the core value and the mission of Telenor in 2005. The company started working on bringing new and innovative ideas to its consumers /customers and for this purpose it made and investment of more than USD 3.5 billion. Bringing Pakistanis into a more connected network is the mission of the company.

Telenor Pakistan committed long-term promises to the country. This company facilitates more than 43 million mobile customers all over the country with its services. The products and services offered by Telenor are helpful in fulfilling the daily lives requirements of its customers nationwide. Telenor Pakistan plays a vital role in contributing in the development of different sectors of the country like economic, social and environmental sector too.



The empowerment of Pakistan by using digitalization is the aim of Telenor. In order to fulfill this aim the company developed a digital ecosystem on a large scale. This digital ecosystem provided technology-enabled systems in all economic ties with digital dispersion. Telenor entered the Pakistan’s digitalization world with the vision to empower and facilitate society. The aim is to benefit the country’s population with digital communication. It also works on assisting the Government of Pakistan’s digitization agenda.

The customer’s digital needs are prioritized by the country thus creating a bond with the customers. Telenor app helps its customers in resolving its issues and problems regarding the services offered by Telenor. The new concept introduced by Telenor about the self-servicing for GSM as well as Easypaisa related services included the launch of the Digital Customer Touch Point.

The small-scale farmers were targeted by Telenor’s product Khushhal Zamindar that have the aim of increasing the yields of these farmers and ensure better productivity for them through various sources. This product wins an award. This service doesn’t contain any cost. In the present time, across the Punjab there are over 4 million farmers who are using Telenor and out of them 205 is the women population. In order to control the birth registration rate in the rural areas of Punjab and Sindh Telenor has collaborated with UNICEF. 200% birth registration rate was increased through his collaboration which further helped the children and the government to keep genuine records of the children population of the country.

The Easypaisa’s initiative of removing conflicts in its progress results in boosting up of the e-commerce sector of Pakistan. Easypaisa doesn’t only facilitate the cellular networks of Telenor but other cellular networks too. The major and highlighting element of Easypaisa is its initiatives for the empowerment of Pakistani people and the measures it takes for the financial inclusion at a broader scale. Along with this the key workings factors of Easypaisa are the provision of services like recharging the mobile accounts, making cash transactions and paying bills.

Telenor Pakistan started a new program named as Telenor velocity which is actually the digital startup accelerator and this program later reached the level of becoming one of the most demanding accelerator programs. This program ensures idealistic startups for the potential growth under expert mentorship.


The company also worked over the sustainable development of the country by taking multiple measures and creative initiatives. All these measures revolve around the elements like Mobile Identity, Digital Learning, and Safe use of Internet, Health and Emergency Response. 4 flood affected areas were targeted by the company for the reorientation of 44 different schools. Apart from this Telenor also started a SAFE internet school outreach program; this program has the aim of providing digital learning measures in the primary schools of different districts. The people are unaware of the safe and sound use and benefits of internet, the company raise awareness of such advantages to the people. Telenor Pakistan also works for the youth and provide them with the knowledge of using safe online.

The issue of unregistered children is rapidly increasing in the country and this can be proved by the stats that every two out of three children are unregistered and not being provided by the basic human right that is right to identity.  In Pakistan two out of three children are not registered although the right to identity is a basic human right. Digital Birth Registration opportunity is provided to the children by Telenor through the collaboration with UNICEF. It also ensures the provision of services like health, education and also civic services.

The company took initiatives for the disable persons also to make them a productive and valuable part of society thus making them a source of boosting up the economy and becoming the most disabled-friendly organization in Pakistan.


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