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Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited is the leading mobile network in Pakistan. The union of Mobilink plus Warid has fashioned this mobile network. Both, the prepaid and the postpaid consumers/customers, individuals and also the clients of corporate sector enjoy the multiple offers from this mobile network. The location of its head office is in Islamabad. The present CEO of the company is Mr. Aamir Ibrahim.

March 2001, is the prominent date in JAZZ’s operations as it started a new Network Operations Center (NOC) in this period.  The use of IBM and Dell EMC was a highlighted element of NOC that helps in managing the day to day operations and evaluate the network operations 24×7. The minor network outages in a few specific areas for the users are affected by the initiation of NOC. The network related issues were resolved by the teamwork and prioritized efforts of the employees who fulfill their responsibilities with great affection.

In the list of Pakistan’s biggest mobile operators Jazz is at the top. It is facilitating over 55 million subscribers nationwide. Jazz has a maintained and sustained leadership in market since two decades and it was gained through its outstanding, innovative and united communications strategies that lead towards better solutions. The largest and innovative portfolio of digital value added products and services make Jazz the strongest brand.

Jazz is the country’s renowned mobile operator and digital established corporation. The goal of the company is to extract billions of resources, measures and tools that are necessary for making progress in the digital market economy. For this purpose the initial step is to provide connectivity all over the country and to establish upgraded tariff plans that would certainly result in the empowerment of its customers/consumers. On the priority list, Jazz puts the needs of the diverse population at the top.




The old name for Jazz was Mobilink (PMCL). In November 2015, waridtel Pakistan and Jazz joined hands together for a collaborative purpose and then took place the re-launching of the two companies. These companies are now serving more than 56 million subscribers across the country and acquire a 37% of the total market share.



All over the country there are approximately 8500 active cell sites obtained by jazz. It has launched LTE service recently which spreads over 20 cities of the country. The Jazz network made an investment of over USD $3.9 billion.



The most widely held telecom brand of Pakistan, Jazz is a complete and full n final eco-system for its consumers bringing Super 4G, Jazz Cash and Wi-Fi Devices and much more to facilitate consumers at all the appropriate points of their entire lives.



Jazz is all about changing the way the one view them, the way the person interacts with digital and how to gain success. In doing so, it encourages and supports its consumers to show the world their true potential and strength and thus develop a better future for them. The tagline ‘Dunya ko Bataa Do’ unlocks the door to every single being’s success. It examines fun, engagement and a wish to try and thrive. It intends to be a supporter in making each Pakistani a digital and technological adapted citizen by providing innovative solutions and products. By staying with this popular and biggest network of Pakistan one can revolutionize themselves in the greatest manner.



Dunya Ko Bataa Do!



Jazz revolves around the objective of providing the safest environment and become the safest working place in Pakistan. Jazz strategies for its employees are amazing. It provides excellent working environment to its employees and runs the business smoothly and peacefully. The culture maintained in the company is the most ambitious one. Jazz is famous for the measures that it took for the prevention from accidents and illnesses at the workplace for the employees.



The aim of Jazz is to be number 1 in the mobile operator network in Pakistan. The maintenance of a safe and healthy environment for the employees and customers can ensure the fulfillment of this aim.

Jazz considered the declaration of innovative work as its essential duty, being an accountable corporate of Pakistan. The way Jazz prioritize the safety at workplace shows its devotion towards its employees.



Leading the culture of safe working practices, differentiate Jazz from other companies. As it aims to become the benchmark achievable company in Pakistan, it is working on developing a standing image and appreciable working atmosphere. The working practices of Jazz will be transparent and the reporting will be crystal clear. The company is continuously taking measures to prevent the employees from all kinds of harms and provide them with a healthy and safe environment.



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