Telenor launched its operation in Pakistan back in 2005 and it has now become Pakistan’s second leading mobile operator. Telenor has more than 43 Million subscribers across the nation. With its low-budget packages and amazing network service, Telenor has become one of the major networks of Pakistan. Telenor always comes up with the most innovative advertisement to encourage its main target that is the “youth”. Telenor offers 4G internet services with high speed internet at a very low cost. Telenor internet packages includes daily, weekly and monthly packages according to the needs of subscribers. The internet packages provided by Telenor are being described below:


Telenor internet packages are suitable and affordable for everyone. Students can also easily avail these Telenor internet packages without worrying about the burden on their pocket. The packages offered by TELENOR include daily packages which are offered at varying times. The full detail of the daily Telenor internet package is given in the table:

Bundle Price Volume Free Volume Validity Activation Code
Telenor Social PackFree 100 MBs 0 24 hours Dial *5*325#
4G Daily Lite Bundle Rs. 12 50 MBs 0 24 Hours Dial *12#
Telenor Raat Din 3G, 4G PackageRs. 12 1500 MBs 0 24 hours Dial *150#
4G Daily Bundle Rs. 15 75 MBs 0 24 hours Dial *345*131#
4G Daily Unlimited Internet Bundle Rs. 16 350 MBs 0 1 day (1am-7pm) Dial *10#



For social pack, the customers will be charged if they log into any third party application except Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.



For those people who don’t like subscribing again and again, Telenor internet packages offers 3-day package which are great for daily internet activities. The 3-day  package offer is:

Bundle Price Volume Free Volume Validity Activation Code
4G 3-Day Package Rs. 42 200 MBs 200 MBs for Facebook 3-days Dial *32#


Telenor internet packages also provides weekly internet package that give enough MBs to spend the entire week surfing the internet. Also, the packages are offered at a reasonable price. The Weeky Telenor internet package include:

Bundle Price Volume Validity Activation Code
4G Weekly Package Rs. 75 750MBs 7 days Dial *345*134#
4G Weekly Unlimited Internet Package Rs. 85 2500MBs 7 days (1am-7pm daily) Dial *345*144#
Weekly Plus Package Rs. 100 1200MBs 7 days Dial *345*164#



For frequent browsers and heavy internet users, TELENOR offers monthly packages that can serve the entire month without any trouble or running out of MBs issues. The TELENOR monthly packages include uploading, internet surfing, chatting, and much more as shown below:

Bundle Price Volume Free Volume Validity Activation Code
Monthly Data Offer Rs. 150 2GB 1GB Pocket TV 30 days Dial *345*835#
4G Monthly Starter Bundle Rs. 300 2,250MBs 0 30 days Dial *345*935#
4G Monthly Package Rs. 478 4 GB 0 30 days Dial *345*135#
4G Monthly Plus Package Rs. 750 10,000 MBs 0 30 days Dial *345*136#


Telenor Monthly package are offered to the Talkshawk and Djuice customers only.