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Jazz occupies the highest position in the wide networks. It advances open doors for its clients by giving distinctive bundles. The organization doesn’t overlook the general population who cannot bear the cost of the costly web bundles. Therefore, jazz has presented little social bundles for its clients at extremely shabby rates. Further you will get to know about the Jazz Internet package.

People demand this bundle the most. This bundle gives enough volume that a client can without much of a stretch appreciate WhatsApp and people who is looking for the other jazz internet packages see the link below.

jazz whatsapp packages


Daily WhatsApp Package of Jazz: Among the various packages offered by Jazz, this is one of the best packages. It is offered at very low rates. Below are the details of this daily package of Jazz:

The data capacity of the package: Along with 10 MBs for WhatsApp the data capacity offered by this package also includes 1800 SMS for the users.

Rates of the package: As it is mentioned before that this package is very cheap, the rates are PKR 5.98 (including tax). These rates are making this package more popular and demanding.


Subscribing this package is not a difficult task to do, it is very easy. Open the dialer and dial *334# and you will get the package.

How to deactivate this package: Unsubscribing this package is very easy. Open the dialer and dial 3344# and the package will deactivate.

The validity of this package: You can enjoy this package for one whole day (24 hours), it has the validity of 1 day.

How to get information: In order to get the information regarding the package, open the dialer and dial 3343# and you will get to know your desired information regarding the package.

How to check the status: To check the consumption of your data and the left over data you need to dial 3342#.


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