JAZZ is the biggest mobile operator of Pakistan that has been serving more than 55 million subscribers across the nation. JAZZ has maintained its brand leadership in the market through integrated solutions and cutting-edge technology of communication. It also contains the largest digital value added services portfolio in the industry. With time, JAZZ has evolved to meet the customer demands and become a network of all the customers. Jazz Internet Packages has also introduced several packages which can be easily availed. The Jazz internet are given at feasible rate and high-speed internet. Hence, this website gives complete information regarding the available internet packages offered by JAZZ.


JAZZ is the best network for daily internet packages. The Jazz internet packages are divided and designed to accommodate every subscriber. The JAZZ daily packages include:

Bundle Price Volume Validity Subscription
Daily Social RecursiveRs. 5200 MBs for Facebook & Whatsapp1 day Dial *455#
Daily BrowserRs. 1050MBs1 day Dial *117*11#
Internet Hourly ExtremeRs. 172000MBs1 day Dial *846#
Daily Data Bundle (Peak-Off Peak)Rs. 20100 MBs (24 Hrs)
1100 MB in Off Peak (2 am-2 pm)
1 day Dial *117*4#



The 3-day Jazz internet packages are an easy investment without much trouble. The Jazz internet packages suit almost every customer type. The jazz internet packages involve the use of social media and other internet browsing for 3 days. The packages provide high-speed internet at extremely low rates. The JAZZ 3-day internet packages are:

Bundle Price Volume Validity Subscription
3-DAY ExtremeRs. 15500 MBs 3 days (2 am-2pm) Dial *114*14#



Weekly Jazz internet packages come at a very reasonable price to accommodate the requirements of every customer. The jazz internet packages can be easily availed by subscribing from their mentioned number. The validity of the weekly packages is for 7 days so that customers do not have to reactivate the package on daily basis. The Weekly Jazz internet packages include:

Bundle Price Volume Validity Subscription
Weekly ExtremeRs. 602500MBs 7 days ( 2AM-2PM )Dial *117*14#
Weekly StreamerRs. 80 750 MBs7 days Dial *117*7#
Weekly MegaRs. 160 4000MBs7 days Dial *159#
Weekly Mega PlusRs. 20010,000MBs7 days Dial *453#
Weekly BrowserRs. 50300MBs 7 days Dial *117*3#
Weekly PremiumRs. 110 2000MBs7 days Dial *117*47#



JAZZ is one of the first networks that provide a wide range of monthly internet packages. The jazz internet packages are given in both MBs and GBs for 3G or 4G internet services. The validity of the packages is for 30 days. The subscription of the packages can be done by dialing the numbers mentioned in the grid. The packages offered by JAZZ come at an extremely low rate and with high-speed internet. The Jazz internet packages include:

Bundle Price Volume Validity Subscription
Monthly BrowserRs. 1752500MBs30 days Dial *117*77#
Monthly SupremeRs. 75012000MBs30 days Dial *117*32#
Monthly MegaRs. 3004200 MBs30 days Dial *117*31#
Monthly ExtremeRs. 1005000MBs 30 days Dial *117*34#
Monthly Mega-PlusRs. 500 7500MBs30 days Dial *117*30#



Jazz internet packages gives Jazz free music streaming and downloads with Jazz free music bundles. Subscribe now and get Free access to Saavn Pro to enjoy all the Pro benefits on Jazz network without spending on data.

Prepaid Packages Price Pack contents ValiditySubscription
Free Music DailyRs.20 50MB Data + 50MB Saavn 24 hours*502*1*1#
Free Music WeeklyRs.90 350MB Data + 350MB Saavn 7 Days*502*2*1#
Free Music MonthlyRs.330 1.5GB Data + 1.5GB Saavn 30 Days*502*3*1#